wartehallen [shared public and private spaces]

sound text installation | spaces residency, in cooperation with utopiana.am & insitute for contemporary art. yerevan, armenia. [1. – 30.9.2013]

‘when waiting time dissolves. the continuous movement stops, circles on the spot. in static spirals.
space loses boundaries. a given one now in distortion. an impenetrable layer closes around. merges those intentionally separated. perceptions of the quotidian grate and rake. revolt into a vacuum without breath. inexhaustible time. restricted space.
waiting. an ubiquitous chamber of horror.
waiting with a socio-political history. as a metaphor for an extinct system, a constant waiting no one knows what for. fulfill the quota. be part of the system. waiting for the next uncontrollable moves on the ideological scale.
a continuation, a symptom for political expectations. hope and fear for change, between the systems past and a blurry western dreamland.’

the sound was recorded in mono in yerevan. a strain on our stereo perception. looping in a spiral.
[the mono audio work wartehallen (14:21) was played on headphones in loop]