supe|r|a european

sound poster installation
commissioned by gallery nectar. tbilisi, georgia. [6.2. – 7.3.2014] & ‘between democracies 1989-2015’ at constitution hill, johannesburg, south africa [3.-30.9.2015]

‘exploring neo-colonialism in its bakhtinian dialogics between the colonizer and the colonized, the installation addresses the issue of europeaness both imposed by the west and aimed for by the non-west. as merab mamardashvili voiced in his lecture la responsabilité européenne, 1988 in paris, the georgian attempt to be european very easily can turn into overacting to be as thought of the other, becoming super european in the sense of overstating the suggested components of europeaness. the overimposing of both values and actions can also be traced in the aim to spread so called european thinking and politics to those, often regarded as infant europeans [boris buden]. the reciprocal view from center to periphery and vice versa calls for a break so ‘that it makes the universal out of particularities’ [mladen dolar].’

[the two channel audio work supe|r|a european (29:01) was installed over the gallery door, played in loop]

supe|r|a european at gallery nectar, tbilisi:

supe|r|a european at constitution hill, johannesburg: