reading on disaster

participatory intervention | in frame of the ‘pedagogies of disaster /// a continent. conference’. tirana, albania. [26.5 – 9.6.2013]

the main idea for working on site and in a participatory manner in tirana, albania was to engage thinking about education as well as offering a voice for voices, which are usually neither present nor heard at conferences.
after all the days with the popcorn bike as mobile seminar room in public space in tirana, the collected wishes/dreams/desires were first translated from albanian into english, then sorted into similar fields of imaginary thinking as to write a manifesto for education in albania, which then was again translated from english into albanian.
all wishes were treated equally. all of them together show a fragmented sketch of the educational situation in albania, they frame by talking about future imaginaries and wishes, a present.
in another participatory action participants were asked to document their approach on education in albania visually. single-use cameras were given to those interested. the timeframe for pictures to be taken varied from participant to participant, depending on when we met and talked about this attempt to use a media, which is not necessarily used for expressing individual views on education.
before the opening of the ‘pedagogies of disaster’ conference on june 6, 2013 popcorn was made in front of the national historical museum of tirana, the conference location, and passed together with the ‘reading on disaster’ manifesto [manifesto for education in albania | manifesto për arsimin në shqipëri] to passers-by and conference participants. then the ‘reading on disaster’ manifesto as well as a selection of four participants’ visual approach on education was presented on june 7, 2013 at the conference.