publications & talks


‘city [un]archived’
(eds. Katharina Stadler/Data Chigholashvili). Cabinet Project 112. Onomatopee. Eindhoven. 2015.

a…issue zines
(eds. Martin Demant Frederiksen/Katharina Stadler). 2014 – ongoing.

‘არაფერი’ [nothing]
(ed. Katharina Stadler). Publication for the exhibition ‘KOKOMO’. Tbilisi. 2014.


long pauses
Project publication ‘long pauses’ [project in Baku, November/December 2015]. Tbilisi. 2016.

Project publication ‘flüchtig’ [project with Sazmanab Platform for Contemporary Arts in Tehran, September 2012]. Tbilisi. 2013.

TEXTS (selection)

Contribution for PARA – Getting Lost (eds. Timon Mürer, Luka Ivanović and Rowan de Freitas). Para Journal. Berlin. 2020.

the deafening silence after
Contribution for The Belgrade Journal of Media and Communications. Vol. VII, No. 14, 2018. Faculty for Media and Communications, Belgrade, Serbia. [unpublished]

chromatic shades
Contribution for Tbilisi. It’s complicated (eds. Data (David) Chigholashvili, Marike Splint and Nini Palavandishvili). Onomatopee. Eindhoven. 2019.

Contribution for A Bang Your Head Against The Wall, Or: How To Tell Your Parents Issue (eds. Martin Demant Frederiksen/Katharina Stadler). Burgazada. 2016.

A Sketch of Myths and Legacies: Tbilisi’s Illegal Printing Press, 1904–1906, 1937, 2016
Contribution for Counter-Signals 1. Militant Print / A Form Oriented Towards its Own Circulation (ed. Jack Henrie Fisher). Other Forms. 2016.

[un]archived – in place of a postscript
Contribution for Marchive #4. A publication of the Master Artistic Research Department. The Royal Academy. The Hague. 2016.

‘on the concern of public space. a polemic’
Contribution for city [un]archived (ed. Katharina Stadler/Data Chigholashvili). Cabinet Project 112. Onomatopee 2015.

‘Reading on Disaster Intervention – Imaginaries in Participatory Artistic Practice’
Contribution for Pedagogies of Disaster. (ed. Vinvent W. J. van Gerven Oei). Punctum Books. 2013.

‘Informal Architecture on an Ideological Scale: Georgia’s Kamikaze Loggia’
Contribution for The Venice Biennale Ideological Guide 2013. (project by Jonas Staal). 2013.

‘o vnútornom vzdore [on the revolt inside]’
Contribution for Vlna Magazine. Edition 54. Bratislava. 2013.

‘Coaching as Artistic Practice’
Contribution for Offside Effect. Academy as Exhibition. 1. Tbilisi Triennial.
(ed. Henk Slager). Metropolis M Books. Utrecht. 2013. | DOWNLOAD BOOK

‘to start the game’
Contribution for Ve.Schheft Nr. 13. Verein für Raum und Forum in der bildenden Kunst. Vienna. 2013.


1/2 in Tbilisi — Interview #8 — Katharina Stadler
Interview conducted by 1/2 for 1/2#9 – Special Tbilisi. Summer. 2013. | INTERVIEW

‘out of comfort zone’
Interview on issues of education.
[edited by Koka Vashakidze]. Caucasus Art Magazine. Issue 1/2013. Tbilisi. 2013.

TALKS (selection)

‘Tbilisi InSights / Tbilisi, Yerevan, Eindhoven’
Cities and Engagement in Art. Panel Discussion. CEC ArtsLink – Art Prospect Network. Tbilisi. 13.2.2017.

‘Site Specific Structures, Participatory Commodification and the Limits of Consciousness in Ideological State Apparatuses OR Three Artists Walk into a Bar in Tbilisi…’
Konferenz The Artist and Society. Tbilisi, Georgien. 18.11. – 19.11.2016.

‘Bauen in Ländern der Transition’
Podiumsdiskussion begleitend zur Ausstellung Tiflis – Architektur am Schnittpunkt der Kontinente der ‘Architektur im Ringturm’ Reihe. Wien, Österreich. 20.4.2016.

‘Sound Art and Ideology’
Lecture at the University of Northampton, invited by NN Contemporary Art Northampton. Northampton, Great Britain. 20.10.2014.

‘Do What You Can’t – Art on the Periphery’
Discussion-Round together with Bernhard Garnicnig & Albert Allgaier | Bregenz Biennale. DACH-Weeks. Tbilisi, Georgia. 30.4.2014.

‘Zeitgenössische Kunst im südlichen Kaukasus – Zwischen Exotismus, Inferioritätskomplex und Streben gen Westen’
Lecture at Österreichischen Orient-Gesellschaft Hammer-Purgstall. Vienna, Austria. 13.3.2014.

‘Participatory Art Practice – A Critic’
Lecture at GEOAir. Tbilisi, Georgia. 10.11.2013.

‘Reading on Disaster’
Conference Pedagogies of Disaster. Continent Conference. Tirana, Albania. 6.6. – 8.6.2013.

‘Alternative Art Education’
Lecture at Österreichischen Orient-Gesellschaft Hammer-Purgstall. Vienna, Austria. 10.12.2012.

‘Coaching as Artistic Practice’
Forum of the 1. Tbilisi Triennial for art, education and research ‘Offside Effect’. Tbilisi, Georgia. 19.10. – 20.10.2012.

‘Im Umbruch. Wenn Macht und Musik um Form ringen. (am Beispiel sowjetgeorgischer Musik)’
Symposium Von Trauer zu Triumph. Praktiken einer sowjetischen Éducation sentimentale im kulturellen Vergleich. Zentrum für Literatur- und Kulturforschung Berlin, Germany. 15.06.-16.06.2012.

‘Being Authentic – Identity Issues in Georgian Contemporary Music’
4th Global Conference – Interculturalism, Meaning & Identity. Inter-Disciplinary.Net. Prague, Czech Republic. 08.03. – 10.03.2011.

‘Caucasian Heartbeats – Examining rhythm holistically’
EASA 2010 Conference Crisis and imagination. Maynooth, Ireland. 24.08. – 27.08.2010.

‘Black Sea Fire – Crossing Borders on the Musical Scale’
International Symposium, The Balkans and the Caucasus. Parallel processes in the historical destiny, mentality, culture, and future trends on the opposite sides of the Black Sea. New Europe College – Institute for Advanced Studies. Bucharest, Romania. 12.04. – 13.04.2010.