polaroid sound installation | solo exhibition at sazmanab platform for contemporary arts. tehran, iran. [14. – 17.9.2012]

flüchtig | volatile. the experience of entering a new environment as artist-in-residence. the unknown surroundings are perceived as non-touristic due to the artistic purpose of the stay. nevertheless similar paths are followed by all residents, similar questions asked, inspiration sought as others have done before. this is due to rather structured encounters and working systems within the given residencies. though longer residency periods try to contradict the scheme, the encounters with the new locality and its agents rarely leave the track.
during a residency at sazmanab platform for contemporary arts in tehran i intentionally followed the footsteps of preceding residents as well as the advice given ad locum.
a ‘filmclip’ was produced out of polaroid photographs (format 600; 10,7 x 8,8 cm) and polaroid negatives (format 100; 8,5 x 10,4 cm). a linear soundscape of tehran (5:30 min) was created as a counterpoint to the fragmented visual exploration. the publication flüchtig has been presented on 17.6.2013 at the center of contemporary art–tbilisi.
[the mono audio work flüchtig (5:30) was played on headphones in loop]

flüchtig filmstrip