erasing time

polaroid project | 2011 – ongoing.
polaroids capture moments to be immediately shown after a few minutes of developing. this specific notion preceding the digital image pretends to hold time in place, repeating experiences right after the moment of their actuality. in the polaroid project ‘erasing time’ i worked with material, which contradicted the possibility of holding on through my usage of expired films [landcamera 104; format 8,5 x 10,8 cm]. the chemicals, which in addition have often altered due to unprofessional storing of the films, act against themselves. after the initial process of film developing the image is not fixed but constantly keeps changing in its color and contrast qualities. the captured moment therefore changes in image as it changes in the process of human memory and slowly becomes only a sketch of absence of the past.

the images of the polaroid project ‘erasing time’ are all taken from one balcony in the city of tbilisi. i intended to not look out for the spectacular but for the daily life trivial.
the process of color and contrast change is documented through scanning of the polaroids on a regular basis. in the selection presented only two of the scans of each photograph are shown.