collective writing

participatory intervention | united kingdom [july – august 2015]
‘collective writing’ intended to experiment on writing a collective text, claiming a ‘universalization of authorship’ – with both form and content to be shaped during the process. the public intervention in respective places across the UK thus invited anyone interested to take part in the process of trying to write a collective text, taking collectivity as a starting point for the text to be written in seventeen notebooks, which formed the material base of the intervention, open for text, drawings, annotations, additions, etc.

in addition open discussions were held, both based on texts and on the intervention process itself as to generate a debate on the im/possibilities of a collective text, collectivity and the role of the individual within.

collective writing took place over the summer months july and august 2015 in the uk as part of a collaborative project called ‘tanteo’ (an approximation), which aimed to create space for collaboration and knowledge sharing, a radical environment to stimulate creativity and the potential political power of art.