repeating mamardashvili

Script Writing, Vienna, 2.11.–14.12.2019
supported by i-portunus


Merab Mamardashvili was a philosopher working on the limits of consciousness and the question of freedom, mainly in spoken word in his series of lectures.

In ‘Repeating Mamardashvili’ I am focusing on his lectures on Proust [1984]. While using AI for translation to adapt a sound partitura/script for a spoken performance/sound work in dialogue with the recordings of Mamardashvili, I am also working on a set of annotations on both process and content.

DDr. Julia Hölzl is mentoring me in developing the script ‘Repeating Mamardashvili’ – a writing process with the focus on the interaction between sound and content, sounded out content and content in sound.

Merab Mamardashvili. Lectures on Proust. 1984 – First Lecture Audio Recording